The digital currency space has grown accustomed to interacting with decentralized webapps, commonly known as dapps, using browser extensions. The explosion of decentralized financial tools such as over collateralized loans, liquidity pools, and staking protocols has drawn attention to the ability to easily interact with smart contracts. Every interaction with a smart contract requires a user interaction and this is most easily accomplished through a browser extension.

The XRP Ledger community has adopted a mobile-first approach by leveraging and using the XUMM wallet created by XRPL Labs. While XRPL Labs has been a huge inspiration, they have stated that they have no intention of creating a browser-first option. This has left a gaping hole in the ecosystem. CROSSMARK aims to be the first browser extension, fully committed to the goal of bridging the divide between dapps and the XUMM mobile environment.

CROSSMARK will provide a rich, feature-full experience to developers and users within the XRP Ledger ecosystem. In addition to supporting XUMM wallet users, CROSSMARK will support opt-in server side backups, hot swapping between development networks / sidechains, and wallet generation with local storage keychain encryption. CROSSMARK will be the de-facto browser extension and will support the latest features and amendments of the XRP Ledger.

The Problem

New projects building on the XRP Ledger are craving a browser-first wallet. As more developers and users move from the ethereum ecosystem, this demand will only increase. Some of the current barriers are listed below:

  • Lack of simple interactions
  • Difficulty in developer tooling
  • Familiarity
  • Centralization of payloads

The Solution

  1. Provide an alternative to a mobile-first wallet to specifically serve webapps that are more suited for browser environments

  2. Define and adopt a universal qr code structure for other wallets and builders for the XRP Ledger

  3. Provide a wallet that supports custom networks, network specific features, and hot swapping between networks. Our browser wallet will be architected with future features in mind, such as AMM and sidechain proposals.

Platform Features

Native App Features
- Encrypted keychain
- New Xumm Oauth Support for Dapps
- Hot Swapping between XRPL Networks
- Custom XRPL Network Support
- Multiple Wallet Support
- XRPL + CROSSMARK Window object
- Generate New Wallet
Opt-in Server Features
- Email Notifications and Reminders
- Wallet Lookup
- Direct Customer Support
- User Profiles and Backups
- Wallet List Restore
- Login from any Device
- User Metrics

Learn more by reading our Darkpaper here.